About Us

Gelal is a privately owned company, established in 1966, presently managed by the third generation of its founders.

Proven to globally lead the creation and development of all types of socks, Gelal demonstrates exemplary flexibility, producing a wide range of socks from technical or end-use purpose-created socks with specific functions and properties, to exciting lifestyle socks, even basic socks for men, ladies and children!

May it be team-sports socks like football, basketball, rugby, baseball or singles-sports socks i.e. tennis, running, cycling, golf or socks to serve specific high-profile demands, like post-intense-activity recovery or long-haul flying recovery socks or contemporary lifestyle activities, like 5-toe socks, fashionable socks or socks containing edge-technology high-tech innovative materials offering exciting properties i.e. material containing copper for comfort, antibacterial, extreme breathability, anti-blistering, maximised insulation, anti-friction or ultra-grip ….


Gelal is globally renown to be the preferred supplier for the Globally Leading Brands and Retail Operators. Because … they know that Gelal efficiently combines the abilities to create and manufacture everything from the technical socks they need in relatively small quantities, up to the very basic and aggressively price-driven articles they need in high volumes!


Gelal creates exciting socks … with advanced features and innovative properties … manufactured by world-class-leading technology … for global Brands … retailing to demanding consumers!

When most Global Operators perceive socks as an accessory item … for Gelal socks is Core Business! Gelal is one of the globally acknowledged biggest investors in the conceiving and developing exciting socks for absolutely any kind of activity, for peoples’ amazing feet!

Product Development and Product Innovation at Gelal are functions served by an autonomous (to the production) R&D Department, equipped with knitting machines of all types, gauges and needle counts, served by expert operatives and technicians, supported by a dedicated materials warehouse.

Socks knitting machines in both Manufacturing Units (Istanbul and Cankiri) are of the latest technology with an average age of 4.5 years. Raw materials are dyed to exceedingly high specifications, at dye-houses using advanced technology methods, equipment and materials complying with current standards. Gelal is in partnership with suppliers of materials and services, ensuring continuity in quality, stability of prices and priority in deliveries. Local sourcing of all but branded materials, ensures stability of prices and extra-low lead times

Fully equipped in-house Quality Assurance Laboratories at both Manufacturing Units perform chemical and physical tests on materials/yarns, knitted structures and final products. The Laboratories of Gelal factories are audited and accredited, while the laboratory technicians are trained, examined and certified by the Key Accounts of Gelal according to each one’s specific demands.

The main focus areas of Gelal:

• Vertical integration
• Industrialisation excellence
• Maximisation of efficiencies
• Continuous mitigation of cost drivers
• Embrace of Lean Manufacturing practices
• Developing original innovative disruptive workflow processes
• Original innovations in article properties & product development
• Dedication and commitment to ever increasing sustainability and environment-related initiatives

Gelal offers its Clients versatility of location for exclusive product supply!

Clients’ specific sourcing demands to supply products in certain regions can be served by factories Gelal will set-up in such regions, customised to produce the articles needed. Gelal ensures maintaining quality, manufacturing and efficiencies standards, as well as continuous monitoring of workflow processes and cost drivers.

Gelal targets to build capacities in excess of 200 million pairs per year 2022 to 2024 onwards.